According to Peter Drucker…………..

“Management is doing the things right; Leadership is doing the right things”


Leadership requires the vision, and foresight, according to John Kotter  “It is about aligning people to the vision, that means buy-in and communication, motivation and inspiration”.

Management is about accomplishing the function of keeping the process of business working smoothly, from planning, budgeting, staffing etc. 

We are partnering with the Institute for Leadership & Management (ILM) to provide specialist leadership and management qualifications.   ILM Is an international provider of recognised leadership and management professional qualifications.

According to a recent survey,  9 /10 learners said they were able to apply the leadership and management skills learned through ILM to their day-to-day job role and would recommend our qualifications, programmes and/or apprenticeships.

We provide leadership and management qualifications from level 2 to 7:

Are you or aspiring to be a team leader/supervisor?

Are you a new manager? Or a first line manager? Do you want to get your first management qualification?

Are you a senior manager? Want to move into a more executive role? Want to gain credits towards an MBA?