We work with clients from all sectors with specific training requirements which can be met most effectively through the provision of customised/bespoke programmes. We work closely with the client to obtain an in-depth analysis of requirements, establishing an understanding of key objectives and priorities. As we work internationally we are able to design programmes that can focus on specific countries/regions, with varying cultural and social contexts. Each programme is unique.

Programmes are designed to be as interactive as possible, with an emphasis on relevance to the workplace and the key learning objectives of the client. Customised training can be delivered either at our centre or at the client’s premises, in the UK or overseas.

Our customized training solutions are delivered by our experienced consultants who have expertise in specific areas pertinent to your needs. These consultants are the same experts that deliver our regular open programmes – we run many successful programmes a year on a range of topics targeted at leadership and business development.
Our training solutions can include:

  • Training design and delivery
  • E-learning
  • Bitesize training/workshops
  • Team building events
  • Training Evaluation