How to Start Your Own Business – Short Course


Realise your vision – start your own business today!

Is it your dream to starting your own business?

Do you want to turn your ideas into a reality?

This interactive course will help you understand and navigate the numerous challenges and critical decisions that entrepreneurs face as they go through the process of starting a business.  With over 100 hours of interactive lessons, you will be well-equipped to take that next step.


This course is made up of 5 modules which cover the key areas that any entrepreneur will need to consider when startup up a new venture.  Each module consists of interactive lessons which equip you to fully consider your business ideas and ways in which you can turn them into a viable business.

Module 1: Thinking of Starting a Business

In this module, you will be looking at all aspects that need to be considered in starting up your business.  From evaluating your business idea, understanding the realities of being your own boss, looking at the startup finance,  practicalities and the qualities of an entrepreneur.  Do you really have what it takes?

UnModule 2 Finance for Business Start-Up

In this module, you will look at all aspects of finance for small businesses.  Financial planning is crucial for any business start-up and is perhaps one of the areas that many entrepreneurs find most challenging.  In this module, you will tackle pricing strategy, cash flow forecasting, budgeting, financial obligations of a business owner, staffing and aspects of financial control within a start-up business.e

Unit 3 Marketing for Business Start-Up

In this Module you d3evelop an understanding of your market, defining your market/customers, what their needs are, how your services/products fit those needs, fine-tuning your USP.  You will look at building a marketing strategy and using different sources including social media as part of your marketing strategy, you will then develop a marketing plan.

Module 4 Business Planning for Business Start-Up

In this module, you will look at the different aspects of writing a business plan, its components, its purpose, and how it feeds into the cycle of planning for any business.  After undertaking this module you will be able to write your own business plan.

Unit 5 Communicating for Success in Business.

This module focuses on communication in the modern start-up business, the importance of communication, from marketing communication, networking, business writing and how you communicate with stakeholders in your business.


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