ILM Online Level 7 Diploma in Leadership & Management – with E-Coach 60 Masters Credits


The level 7 Diploma in Leadership and Management is for senior managers and leaders seeking to develop themselves as leaders and managers, who recognise they must satisfy various stakeholders and who want to invest in their own personal brand. They are looking to make the best use of resources, understand the need to innovate and optimize performance. They may also have to present arguments for change, construct business cases, lead change implementation and evaluate the impact of that change.



Good leaders define what happens next in their organisations.  Effective leadership requires comprehensive skills set and competencies that will ultimately impact the performance, productivity, and performance of their organistions.

This course also attracts 60 masters degree level credits, this is advantageous for those who want to progress onto an MBA programme (180 credits).  They will you can receive exemptions, completing units on an MBA course equivalent to the remaining 120 credits.  

Course Benefits

Results for you

  • Know how to use an enquiry led evidence-based approach to develop your leadership and management capability
  • Develop and enhance your  personal brand
  • Develop, implement and evaluate high-level, strategic, business cases
  • Embed your leadership and management development in real work.

Impact on your employer

  • Senior leaders and managers who have the ability to think and act strategically
  • Senior leaders and managers who make informed evidence-based decisions
  • Motivated staff who can create and maintain a high-performance culture
  • Senior team members who are self-aware and take responsibility for self-development

Course Overview

This level 7 Diploma in Leadership and Management accredited by the ILM, is a qualification that is the hallmark of sound leadership skills and abilities,  Obtaining this qualification will demonstrate to any employer your executive skills.  Gaining this qualification will allow you to develop and fine-tune your leadership skills, your ability to innovate, promote operational performance, and to adapt leadership style and practice that demonstrates ethics, effective decision making, and authenticity.

Course structure

You will be required to complete three units for this 60 Masters level credit course.  The mandatory units are as follows:

Developing leadership and management capability through inquiry – In this unit you will be exploring leadership theory, style and practice.  Looking at cross cultural aspects of leadership to include leadership decision making and problems solving.  Key issues of emotional intelligence, authenticity, and ethical leadership will be discussed.  You will be required to review your own leadership practice and reflect on areas that you will need to develop.

Developing a high-level business case – This unit will look at building a business case around issues of change and innovation.  Looking at all aspects of change, innovation, communication, and stakeholder management, as well as evaluating the impact of change initiatives within your organisation.

Developing and maintaining a high-performance culture and optimizing performance – You will look at concepts and practice of high performance, and organisational culture in relation to performance management, as well as benchmarking performance and quality management, to optimise performance and resources.


As part of your qualification, you will be required to complete an assessment in relation to all of the units on your programme. ILM’s approach to assessment is to ensure that it enables you to apply and demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and awareness of real-life workplace challenges.  In order to obtain this prestigious and highly recognised qualification, you will need to complete an assessment for each unit, which is usually 1 assessment per unit.  Assessments can be taken in a variety of formats, from presentations to written reports.

Resources and Support

As part of this course, you will be provided with the essential requirements for success! You will be allocated an experienced and expert Leadership E-coach who will provide support and guidance throughout your course.  They will assist you with the completion of your assessments, providing feedback and support. You will also be provided with access to a range of resources, both online and hard copy materials. As part of the course you will receive complimentary ILM studying membership, the benefits of which include:
Complimentary subscription to Edge magazine, the Institute’s leadership, and management magazine
The Ci Zone, free access to a suite of interactive career development tools and resources.
The Resource Centre brings you access to the latest leadership and management thinking through a free online catalogue of e-books, business books summaries and thousands of e-journal articles.
The Learning Zone has over 400 digital learning resources covering essential management and leadership topics, many of which have been mapped to directly support learners on the ILM programmes.
Full access to the ILM Insight – where managers, leaders, HR professionals, training experts, academics and opinion-formers come to network, share advice and find hot topics and research.

What is included in the cost?

  • Registration and certification
    Course materials/handbook/e-learning resources
  • ILM Studying Membership
    Assessment marking and feedback on assessments
  • An allocated tutor who provides support and guidance throughout the course.
  • Access to Moodle – virtual learning resource centre


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