Online Postgraduate Extended Diploma in Strategic Business Management – 120 MBA credits



This Athe accredited level  7 Online Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Business Management, is a highly sought after professional qualification.  This qualification allows you to work towards gaining a high-level professional management qualification, which also attracts 120 Masters level credits.  This will provide exemptions for MBA or other Masters degree in an associated discipline at many UK universities, to study as a distance learning student or on campus.


The Online ATHE Level 7 Postgraduate Extended Diploma in Strategic Business Management is a comprehensive programme for senior managers and leaders of industry from any sector.   This qualification highlights to any employer or business that the you have acquired high-level skills applicable to that,  which is required for senior executives in any organization. Businesses require their leaders and managers to have a keen understanding of strategic planning, strategies for motivating employees, fine-tuned leadership skills, and a good understanding of the factors that enable organisations to remain competitive and promote business growth.   This programme enables learners to develop such skills, as you work through units on this programme you will develop your understanding of executive skills.

Course Benefits

  • You can fast track your career to higher earning potential and expand career prospects – MBA graduates command higher salaries.
  • Cost effective route to gaining Leadership and Management qualification as well as an MBA from a UK university for less than £7,500.
  • Worldwide recognition – qualifications that provide wide recognition as the distinction in business education and an entry point for senior positions.
    Develop your leadership and management expertise
  • Flexibility – You can learn at your own pace – learning that is built around your needs and current commitments.
  • Achievement of the ATHE Level 7 Strategic Leadership Diploma, providing an excellent combination of professional and academic qualification in just only 18 months

Course Overview:

The Online Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management provides much of the underpinning knowledge and understanding for the National Occupational Standards in Management and Leadership and is also recognised by a variety of UK universities for progression to their MBA top-up. 

Course Structure

The ATHE Online Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management is a 120 credit qualification. All learners must complete the following units:

  • Strategic Planning – You will focus on the business planning cycle and strategies implementation for performance and productivity.  You will look at the importance of vision/objectives and how this is translated to teams across the organisation.  You will look at techniques for strategic planning.
  • Finance for Strategic Managers – Every leader will need to have an understanding of finance and how the bottom line is affected by strategic plans.  You will look at budgeting and forecasting as part of strategic planning.
  • Research for Strategic Development – You develop an understanding of management research and undertake your own research project.  This may be based on your work within your current organisation.
  • Organisational Behaviour – Every organisation has a culture that is unique to them, this culture will affect behaviour within the organisation.  This unit will explore the impact of organisational behavior in other areas fo the business.
  • Personal Development for Leadership and Strategic Management – This unit will look at the importance of continued professional development, you will be required to reflect on your own professional developments and action plan for your own development.
  • International Business Environment – This unit will look at the business environment from a global perspective, focusing on political, social, economic market forces that impact on leadership and management.
  • Developing Organisational Vision and Strategic Direction –  You will be required to develop an understanding or organisations vision as a source of strategic direction, how this is cascaded down across all areas of the organisation and influences what all teams are doing.
  • International Finance – Finance from a global perspective and how this impacts on business planning, linked to understanding the international business environment.
  • Quantitative Methods – You will need to undertake a piece of research of your own and you will need to develop an understanding of quantitative analysis applicable to research, including statistical computations.
  • Strategic Marketing – You will explore marketing cycles, segmenting, and analysis and how to use data-driven marketing techniques including new marketing avenues.
  • International Marketing – This unit links with the strategic marketing module and international business environment to examine marketing trends from a global perspective.
  • Corporate Communication Strategies – Management communication is an essential element of any business and is an integral factor in marketing, human resources, and strategic business planning.
  • Strategic Human Resources Management – Human resource management is an essential feature for the role of every manager/leader.  This module looks at managing talent, retaining talent, developing and motivating staff.
  • Managing Continuous  Organisational Improvement – A exploration of the principles of continuous improvement and total quality management, and the techniques/strategies to implement continous improvement in organsiations.

Entry Requirements

  • Learners who have recently been in education or training should have either have studied business management or related qualification previously or have the Level 6 Diploma in Management other equivalent international qualifications.
  • Learners can be a university graduate who is over 22 years old.
  • Learners can be a non-university graduate over 23 years old, with at least 3 years knowledge of managerial experience.
  • Learners must also have an appropriate standard of English to enable them to access relevant resources and complete the unit assignments.
  • Mature learners may have relevant work experience (paid and/or unpaid) with levels of responsibility, participation and/or achievement of relevant professional qualifications.


You will be required to complete an assessment for each unit, which will be graded either a pass, merit or distinction.  You will need to ensure that you meet all of the assessment criteria for each unit in order to pass.  For each assessment you will be required to demonstrate that you have undertaken the necessary amount of research and reading, presenting your work using a high level of written English.

Resources and Support

Once you have registered for the programme you will receive login details required to access the wealth of resources and support that is included in this qualification packages.  The support that you will receive includes:

  • Interactive e-learning resources via our student portal.  On the portal are lessons for each unit/module as part of the qualification.  Lessons include videos, lectures, podcasts, interactive components, all designed by experienced lecturers and teachers.
  • Online student discussion forums – provides an opportunity for you to interact and discuss with other learners on your course
  • E-workbooks
  • E-management books and resources
  • Webinars
  • Video library

Additional Support

There may be times when you feel that you may require additional support, this is available throughout your courses as and when you need it. Support can be through, one to one tutoring, via telephone or online,  or access to online webinars.

Progression Options

Once you have successfully completed the ATHE Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Business Management you can progress onto an MBA Top-up course at a number of UK Universities, as well as complete Masters degree in a related business discipline.  You may choose to continue your studies at such universities either by distance learning or by attending lectures on campus.

The MBA Top-up typically takes 9 months to study and varies in price from £3,360 to £6,250 depending on which university you apply to.  This means that this qualification provides a very cost effective route to gaining an MBA at a fraction of the normal costs – when you combine this qualification fee of £1,900.

Northampton University MBA Top – Distance learning – £3,360

To complete the MBA Top at Northampton University, you will need to complete one module and your business research project, which is supervised by Northampton University UK.  You will complete 60 credits as a distance learning student with the university and have a supervisor who will support you to complete your research project.

Sunderland University MBA Top Up – Distance learning – £5,500

To complete the MBA Top at Sunderland University you will need to complete a dissertation.  You will be fully supported by a university supervisor.

There are many other options for progressing onto our university pathways, please contact one of our student advisors with regards to other MBA/Masters degree options.

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  1. centreforlbm

    Doing this course has really opened my eyes to ways to improve my leadership style, and since completing this course I have secured a place at Northampton University and I am in the process of doing the MBA top.

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